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Can too much charisma make a leader ineffective?

June 19, 2018

Our Co-Founder and COO, Lain Hensley was featured in – and contributed to – an article by The Economist Online, looking at the role of charisma in leadership practices.

Enduring Truths of Teambuilding

June 19, 2018

6 guidelines for success in today’s world of virtual connectivity

Odyssey Takes Chicago by Storm

June 15, 2018

4,000 people, 40,000 balls and endless inspiration and impact. This video shows the story from behind the scenes of history.

Build something lately?

January 4, 2018

Something unique happens when a person builds something; a model airplane, a garden, a scrapbook, or woodworking project etc. Time and moods seem to shift and a sense of pride and accomplishment shows up when the builder steps back and looks at their tangible creation. Team building is important. Teams nowadays have new members joining […]

You may be doing CSR wrong

October 24, 2017

Our President and Founder, Bill John, spoke to Smart Meetings about how CSR can offer wider benefits beyond simply being a box ticking activity.

Team Building Success Story: Playhouse Challenge in Mexico

April 21, 2017

Sometimes you get the satisfaction of being able to bring pure happiness to people, and earlier this year we got to do so with Kindergartners from nine different schools in San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas Corridor in Mexico. We teamed up with Scotiabank for the Playhouse Challenge. Corporate Team Building that Creates […]

Helping Hands Vietnam

April 13, 2017

Earlier this year, President, CEO and CO – Founder of Odyssey Teams, Inc., Bill John, took a trip to Da-Nang, Vietnam for a fitting of prosthetic hands and his trip was “transformational.” Lending A Hand through Team Building Twenty-one amputees from Vietnam—people who have lost limbs from various reasons—received prosthetic hands that have been assembled […]

The Helping Hands Project – Kansas

January 17, 2017

Community Building Through Teamwork. The Kansas Department of Corrections enjoyed a 2-day retreat where they constructed a Build-a-Hand Team building kit through the Helping Hands Project, a corporate team building program designed by Odyssey Teams. After four years of delivering this program all over the world with rave reviews, we decided to turn it into an […]

Benefits of an Outside Facilitator

October 10, 2016

When it’s time to plan out your corporate team building program there is one important question you have to ask yourself: “Do you run the meeting or do you bring in an outside facilitator?” To help you with this decision, here are some benefits of using an outside facilitator. Outside Facilitators know the most effective […]

How to Win with Organizational Development

April 21, 2016

Organizational Development Needs Exists Due To Market Change An organizational development need exists in almost every company in the world. Every company wants to increase efficiency and boost production. Achieving this goal has been the focal point of countless upper management meetings. Everything from a retreat to a company picnic has been planned. However, these […]

AbbVie Integrates Corporate Give Back Activity to Their Awards Ceremony

April 13, 2016

Giving Back To The Community And Their Team Members Is An Important Part Of AbbVie Pharmaceuticals’ Philosophy The Research and AbbVie Pharmaceuticals development facility, located in Gurnee, Illinois has been hosting an annual event that recognizes the outstanding members of that facility. This year’s theme was to give back to the community. Elan Savitt, the […]

Featured Fox Business

April 5, 2016

I looked out my NYC hotel window over Times Square. I spotted the black Lincoln Town Car Fox Business had sent to pick me up. It was finally time for our bite at the Big Apple. Odyssey Teams, the company Bill and I started over 20 years ago, was going to be on Fox News […]

Importance of Workplace Training

March 18, 2016

Proper Workplace Training Ensures A Successful Team Workplace training is vitally important for the success of any company. Sometimes it is difficult to admit that there could be flaws in your training program. One of the best ways to ensure uniform training is to implement a train the trainer class. These classes are for supervisors, […]

The Most Important Activity To Boost Productivity

March 9, 2016

In the beginning, you started with a small team, and you had a clear vision. Every day, you were able to speak with your team and find out everything you needed to know to boost productivity. Since the team was small, it didn’t take much to keep everyone’s energy levels running high. But, success comes […]

Kaiser Permanente – Corporate Team Building Event

February 21, 2016

This Corporate Team Building Event was Paramount For Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente, a nationwide medical consortium, knows the value of a corporate team building event. They have been working towards bettering their team for more than a decade. Kaiser Permanente has called on the give back activity Helping Hands more than once over the last […]

Why Smaller Team Building Activities Should Happen During Work

February 18, 2016

The proven benefits of team building are numerous. Whether you are inspiring a team of twenty or a group of a 120 team building will have them communicating more effectively and collaborating fluidly as they come to understand the big picture and their place within it. Volunteering has been cited as the number one way […]

Schneider Electric Benefits from Helping Hands Team Building

February 13, 2016

After undergoing a very large corporate restructure, Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management, needed a way to bring its upper management team together. The CEO was introduced to Odyssey Teams and our corporate values that we represent. There was an immediate connection as the CEO was looking for the same corporate values to […]

Life Cycles — An Inspiring Team Building Event

January 29, 2016

Life Cycles is a Team Building Event to Increase Collaboration Life Cycles is the original bike building team building program that changed an industry. This team building event creates the potential to change the way we look at the world and ourselves. Team bonds are formed, collaboration increases and communication lines are wide open. It is no […]

Community Service-Based Team Building Programs

January 16, 2016

Service-Based Team Building Helps Your Company’s Image Whether you’re a supervisor, manager, or company owner, Odyssey Teams knows you are always on the look-out for new ways to open up the lines of communication and build a better team. There are a multitude of team building games, activities, and seminars to take advantage of, but […]

Team Management Skills That Build Trust Quickly

January 14, 2016

Good team management skills build trust and retain employees. There is a distinct difference between a leader and a manager, though the two titles do overlap. Warren G Bennis defined the two terms as such, “Leaders are people who do the right things; managers are people who do things right.” If a manager is to […]

Virtual Team Building Tips For Managers

January 6, 2016

Virtual team building is a task with its own set of hurdles and triumphs. Defining goals, roles, and a good rhythm is hard enough when you interact face-to-face. However, virtual teams have even bigger hurdles to jump with a difference of time zones, countries, and oceans between members. If you are leading a virtual team […]

The Proven Benefits of Team Building

December 31, 2015

If you’ve never hosted a team building process you may be asking yourself, “Is this even worth it? Will a team building activity solve any of my problems?” The answer is, “yes.” Many feel that the term “team building” is just a buzz word tossed around to encourage employees. When in actuality team building is […]

Train The Trainer – Tips for Facilitators

December 30, 2015

Facilitating a team building event is a difficult juggling act. Especially if you are the one here to train the trainer. You want to keep everyone’s energy excited as they move towards the goal of communication, but your presence can’t overwhelm the process. Then you’d be just another lecture. Finding that balance can be a […]

Staff Introduction Ideas for Better Employee Interaction

December 19, 2015

Staff Introduction Ideas Breakdown Communication Barriers Staff Introduction ideas cover a wide array of games, activities, and team building events. Each one is geared towards a different objective. Many staff introduction ideas are designed towards new staff members getting to know each other, or getting to know current staff members, but they can also be […]

3 Classroom Teamwork Activities for Adults and Children

December 16, 2015

Classroom Teamwork Activities Bring Students Together Classroom teamwork activities can overcome the stale feeling school can create as students make their way through the semester. But more importantly, it can help students learn to relate and support one another to achieve a common goal. Things like peer interaction, applied concepts, and team building are pushed […]

Tips for Large Group Team Building Events

December 11, 2015

Large Group Team Building Events Open Up Communication A company’s productivity and success is built on its ability to effectively build trust, communicate, and laugh together. However, if your company is larger than 75 people getting them all laugh to at the same time can be a difficult task. Planning a philanthropic give back activity […]

Tips for Team Building A Little Everyday

December 1, 2015

Good Team Building Means Good Communication Tips for Team Building in the work-place in order to keep the lines of communication open. Keeping the lines of communication open is crucial for a team to maintain its energy and its efficiency. Though many employees may roll their eyes at the idea of a team building activity […]

Innovative Trust Building Activities For Corporate Team Building Events

November 28, 2015

Innovative Trust Activities Help More Than Just The Company In today’s business world trust is a crucial component. Trust between client and businesses are important, but even more important is the trust between employer and employee. In a recent study, Watson Wyatt found that only two out of five employees have trust in the executives […]

5 Tips For Team Building to Better Communication

November 23, 2015

Start The Day With A Few Tips For Team Building Clear communication is a crucial element for effective corporate team building. The first tip for team building to better communication is to accurately define the word team. A team is not just a group of people each fulfilling their duties. An efficient and productive team […]

Top 3 Reasons Fortune 500 companies pay for corporate team building

November 17, 2015

Corporate team building events benefit everyone.   The way society views charity and donations have changed drastically over the last six decades. Once upon a time we would just throw a few pennies into a UNICEF box, or purchase a few Girl Scout cookies and know good was happening. Even companies just had to give […]

Overcoming Team Building Challenges Managers Face Every Day

October 20, 2015

Group activities for adults getting teams built. In theory, any corporate entity is a team working harmoniously towards a common goal, but team building challenges and problems will always arise. If you’ve ever been a manager, or are one now, you know that often times keeping people on track requires more work than it took […]

5,000 Prosthetic Hands For Landmine Victims in Cambodia & India

October 16, 2015

An Australian organization has reached a milestone 5,000 prosthetic hands built for victims of land mines, accidents, and violence across Cambodia and India. And Helping Hands announced on Sunday even higher targets for the next two years – with a pledge to construct 10,000 new prosthetic limbs by the end of 2017. Since 2012, the […]

5 Icebreakers for Your Corporate Team Building Activity

October 8, 2015

Icebreakers start with a single person. Icebreaker games make a great introduction for corporate team building activities such as Odyssey Teams Life Cycles. Before picking out the icebreaker game you should have already clearly defined the objective of the icebreaker session. Make sure you know what kind of ice you are breaking such as status, […]

The Playhouse Challenge Accepted

October 6, 2015

Brings teams together with the Playhouse Challenge You may think the real challenge of The Playhouse Challenge comes from swinging a hammer or painting a mural. That’s not the challenge of this corporate give back activity. This challenge is learning how to effectively communicate with co-workers to achieve a common goal. The philanthropic goal of […]

20 Years

October 2, 2015

Odyssey Teams started off September in Los Angeles, running a high ropes course program for over 300 UCLA MBA candidates. Our partnership with the UCLA MBA program has spanned two decades – and we can mark significant moments of Odyssey Teams history by the annual programs. There’s the year that Odyssey Teams’ COO Lain Hensley […]

Working with kids in a Board Meeting

September 30, 2015

  Skateboard dreams come true in a Board Meeting Whether you have children, or not, the idea of working with other people’s kids is a daunting one. This is one of the unique differences to hosting a Board Meeting. Participants have to work with children no matter what. Not only are they working with youth, […]

6 Tips for Ropes Course First Timers

September 22, 2015

Corporate give back activities such as Helping Hands, Life Cycles, or The Board Meeting is one way to bring a team together, but so is a ropes course. If you’ve never been on a corporate team building Ropes Course then you are not alone. Thousands of people have never had their feet leave the ground. […]

Top 5 Reasons to Host Corporate Give Back Activities

September 22, 2015

Corporate Give back activities, such as The Helping Hands Project, Life Cycles, The Playhouse Challenge, or The Board Meeting, have become the latest trend in corporate team building exercises. Long gone are the days of team golf retreats that don’t necessarily give individuals a chance to shine. Instead corporations have begun to turn to non-profits […]

Life Cycles Bike Maintenance Tips

September 22, 2015

Life Cycles is proud to promote volunteering by distributing bicycles to those in need of transportation. Often times children receive the bikes, but many are given to adults. They rely on the bike for getting around town and to their jobs. Whether you’re young or old, Life Cycles has a few maintenance tips to keep […]

Improve Corporate Attitudes With Helping Hands

September 22, 2015

Access the potential of your organization’s heart by giving employees an opportunity for volunteering in a team building meeting. This solution to corporate team building is a radical one compared to many of the mainstream exercises available. What is Helping Hands? The Helping Hands program brings teams together within an organization to promote collaboration. The […]

Helping Hands Around the World

September 22, 2015

Helping Hands are going around the world. Shivkumar is a young boy from the Phillipines who lost his hand after being electrocuted while flying his kite. Emine Yuzay, a Turkish woman born without arms, would watch as her nine brothers and sisters were allowed to go to school. She would yearn for an education she […]

Benefits of a Board Meeting DIY Kit

September 22, 2015

In a string of radical new give back activities the Board Meeting has taken volunteering to a whole new halfpipe. This is a revolutionary hands-on approach to volunteering that invigorates the soul as you bring happiness to a child. What is a Board Meeting? This program encourages corporate teamwork to build, and design, skateboards for […]

A Commitment to Community

August 14, 2015

We ardently seek moments that allow us to engage in something bigger than ourselves. Surrounded by people working towards one common goal, there is a certain amount of awe and belonging that emerges from the tangible sense of community. We experienced a bit of that a few weeks ago. In late July, Odyssey Teams spent […]

Team Meetings – the Do’s and Don’ts

July 17, 2015

We have a few meetings weekly, and so far none are really productive, resulting in a huge emotional response from several folks. How can we change the emotional memory so that these meetings become productive? Research has shown that physiology is critical to our state of mind and that the complexity of the human condition […]


July 9, 2015

Odyssey Teams Inc. has been on quite the journey throughout the last few decades. Our programs have evolved, our team has shifted, our workspace has adapted, and our expertise has grown. We’ve experienced a number of notable occurrences on our way – and we are thrilled to announce the latest developments! At the start of […]

Three Ways to Foster a Disruptive Mindset That Breeds Innovation

May 29, 2015

Three Ways to Foster a Disruptive Mindset That Breeds Innovation I recently hosted a TEDx talk in my hometown of Chico, Calif. on the topic of disruption — a subject I hold close to my heart. Disruption is the key to success in many aspects of our lives. Sometimes our best business decisions, insights, and […]

Q + A with Lain Hensley

May 15, 2015

How does Odyssey incorporate meaningful activities prior to the build in particular? I struggle with people just wanting to build a bike for hours and then are underwhelmed by donation numbers. Do not let them know anything about the building element going into the event. The philanthropic impact should be a surprise and the cherry […]

Team building Is Not The Aim

January 30, 2015

Effective teamwork is powerful. We have all seen great sports teams and organizations rise above – not because of their individual skills, but their ability to align those skills in a direction that is superior to their opponent. However, effective teamwork does not come from ‘team building.’ In studying the essentials of producing great teams, […]

Build a Hand Teambuilding Kits in England

January 17, 2015

Odyssey Teams, Inc. is excited to announce that we are looking for the right person or organization in England to be our exclusive distributor of the Helping Hands – Build-a-Hand Teambuilding kits in that region. To date, this program has resulted in over 17,000 hands built for people who have lost a limb in developing […]

3 Tactics to get Naysayers to Engage in Team Building

December 5, 2014

When notifying employees of the next team building event, the typical response is, “What? Do they really think I have time for this?” Cynics come out from everywhere when the email is sent that the next team-building event is mandatory. The most difficult task in producing a successful team building event or seminar is getting […]

Lessons Learned from Cancer & Coming Back to Work

November 21, 2014

Entrepreneurs are famous for being self-taught business minds who relentlessly learn new skills. We read business books and attend conferences. We seek out mentors and develop new skills. But sometimes earth-shattering lessons — ones we could never learn from a book or a fellow entrepreneur —upend our world. They feel more like catastrophes than education. But […]

A Boy Named Nobody

November 14, 2014

I was leading a ropes course program for a youth-at-risk high school group. One of the first things I asked kids to do was put on a nametag. Partway through the morning, I noticed a kid dressed in all black, looking disinterested and detached from the rest of the group. I walked over to greet […]

In Memoriam

October 31, 2014

We are sad to report that Margie Meadows passed away this past week. She is the wife of Ernie Meadow, the creator of the LN-4 prosthetic hand we build in our Helping Hands program. If the Helping Hands program and the LN-4 hand has touched your life, please leave a comment here and we will […]

Bikes, Tires, and Metaphors

October 3, 2014

Life Cycles, the original bike building program, allows participants to create something valuable and pass it on to the end user. As they build a bike and pass it along to a child, the result is a firsthand experience of the value of collaboration, customer-centricity, and teamwork. Metaphors like these are rich and relevant to […]

Philanthropic Charitable Team Building

August 1, 2014

In more than fifteen years around the globe, we have not met a group yet where the individuals were not able to articulate the values and behaviors that create great teams, great leaders and great organizations. The last time I checked Amazon.com, it listed a staggering 224,196 books on the subject of leadership. It seems […]

Life Cycles Program – Building Bikes for Children

December 9, 2013

By the Spring of 2000, I was losing my passion for the experiential medium that was tremendously successful for the previous decade. Ropes Courses started became synonymous with “teambuilding” and “teambuilding” was losing it’s value through poor facilitators, knock-offs and companies who were seeking it just to check the box…

Life is an Odyssey.

October 25, 2013

Today I delivered our Life Cycles program to a really great client. The CEO of their business, Barry, is perhaps the best leader I’ve seen in years. This makes them a great client because it’s so easy to bring his concepts to life because they are not complicated. Barry’s approach is to develop his leaders […]

Emotion is the Key with our Life Cycles Program

October 25, 2013

What do bikes have to do with real business? Why build bikes for children? Why the big surprise? These are some of the common questions that we are asked during the planning phase of our Life Cycles (TM) bike and teambuilding program. The question is easily answered with one word…emotion. People learn when emotion is […]

Bring your Sales Force to New Levels of Teamwork

October 25, 2013

I’ve got to admit that I am biased here being one of the co-inventors of  Life Cycles – the original build a bike teambuilding event. Being in the experiential learning industry for 15 years prior to the light bulb going on about the idea of combining philanthropy and experiential training, I had the opportunity to […]

People leave managers, not companies

October 25, 2013

What makes the workplace “safe?” I’m talking about emotional–not physical–safety here. Think back to your high school days. Can you remember a time when the teacher asked a question and you weren’t sure if you had the right answer? Did you spring out of your seat and throw out your best guess? If you did, […]

Team Building – Connect to the “Why” at work

July 22, 2013

Welcome to WordPress. This is your second post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging…

Lost and found in Prague

April 16, 2013

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I’ve had the good fortune to visit several times to bring Odyssey Teams’ Helping Hands (building prosthetic hands) and Life Cycles (where you will build a bike for children) teambuilding programs. This time, I wanted to see the city by foot. I started running […]

Honoring Grandpa

April 1, 2013

It’s springtime! Time to grow. I always flash back to being a kid visiting my grandparents in the central Valley of California. My grandfather owned a Mobil gas station and would always have beautiful bulbs in bloom. He, like so many of the older generation worked so hard – up at 4am and back to […]

Singapore Times

March 26, 2013

Earlier this month I delivered Helping Hands (One of Odyssey Teams CSR Leadership programs, i.e. Life Cycles where you get to build a bike for a child, the Playhouse Challenge etc.), in Singapore for 65 people from APAC & Japan. In the mix, High Potential leaders from one of the worlds largest firms, representing over […]

Bridge the Gap

February 21, 2013

I recently led our Bridge the Gap program to 117 Senior Leaders from Shell Oil. This was our fifth engagement with the group as they have been embarking on changing their individual leadership tendencies as well as the culture of their extended teams. While in the past, the group participated in our CSR philanthropic team-building […]

Light in Atlantic City

February 15, 2013

I haven’t spent two nights in the same bed for over 11 nights. No moss on this stone. A mix of leadership training and cultural development programs in Ft. Lauderdale, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas and a couple of family adventures too. That changes tonight with 4 nights at home, the travel was worth it […]

Jaipur Limb Camp 2013

January 8, 2013

Odyssey Teams partnered with Rotarians in Bangalore Peenya India for their annual Mega Jaipur Limb Camp, which is going on now. On day two of camp, there have been 586 beneficiaries and the distribution is as follows: 211 Limbs, 227 Calipers, 128 Crutches, and 20 LN-4 Prosthetic Hands. Rotary Bangalore Peenya was chartered in 1983 […]

2 Minutes of Fame!

December 21, 2012

“Twenty plus years of Odyssey work, our entire teams efforts, millions of air miles, countless presentations to groups around the world and now a two minute shot to tell the story on national news.” I had two minutes of fame a few weeks ago. As I prepared for my interview on Fox Business, I flew […]

Philanthropic Team Building with Shell Canada

December 19, 2012

The Playhouse Challenge is flat out fun! I just delivered our Playhouse Challenge to a hundred Shell employees in Edmonton Canada. This was the fourth, quarterly leadership development program that we’ve delivered with them and it sure was fun. The first quarter we coupled our Helping Hands program with modules from FISH. The second quarter […]

Helping Hands in Colombia

December 3, 2012

On October 26th Corproem (Corporacion Red de Promatoras Empresariales Microfinancieras), and GE united in Colombia to assemble 30 prosthetic hands from Odyssey’s Build-a-Hand Kits. Through the joining of Corproem, LN-4 Foundation, and Rotary, 30 GM executives got together to build the LN-4 Prosthetic Hands, which were then distributed to recipients in Colombia. Odyssey Teams would […]

NetApp is the Third Best Multinational Workplace

November 16, 2012

Odyssey client, NetApp was just given the honor of “Third Best Multinational Work Place” according to greatplacetowork.com. We are extremely proud, yet not surprised. Over the years they have been enthusiastic participants in our Life Cycles and Helping Hands programs. Throughout our partnership we have helped them deepen the individual and organizational ‘Why’ of their […]

Our Trip to Brazil with a Fortune 500 Company

November 3, 2012

Calling what I just did in Brazil with the CEO and his top 45 people just plane old “Team Building is like calling the iPhone just another cell phone. I did a Team Building program for a Brazilian leadership team with 90,000 employees and billions in sales, yet for the past three years they have […]

Rebuilding a Brand – The Possibilities are Endless

November 2, 2012

The Rebuilding of a Brand: The Possibilites are Endless I dropped by the Apple Store in NYC after doing a program for Microsoft. I know… seems strange and almost unethical. It was research. I didn’t buy anything, but I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. As a partner to Microsoft, I asked […]

iDisorder Unplugged, Live with Odyssey Teams

October 26, 2012

iDisorder – Unplugged, Live – it’s Odyssey Teams! “iDisorder: Understanding our obsession with Technology and overcoming its hold on us” is a new book by Ph.D.’s Larry Rosen with N.A. Cheever and L.M. Carrier. It is a fascinating subject that supports the basis of Odyssey Teams world-renowned Philanthropic Team Building Programs. Life Cycles, Helping Hands […]

Small Team Builds Hands and Changes Lives

October 12, 2012

Small Team Builds Hands and Changes Lives When I was asked to do our Helping Hands philanthropic teambuilding program for a group of six people, I reluctantly agreed. My favorite size groups delivering Helping Hands, Life Cycles Build-a-Bike program and our others has been in the hundreds of participants range. I wasn’t sure how the […]

What is Teambuilding?

October 3, 2011

I can’t take it anymore!!! What is team building? After 20 years of traveling all over the world and working with the top of fortune 100 companies and the bottom of lots of others, I have hit my breaking point. I’ve been doing leadership development, communication seminars and “teambuilding” and many of my own clients […]

Helping Hands Delivers Prosthetics Around the World

October 27, 2010

I thought you would all get great pleasure out of this news – October 2010, which is not quite yet over, represents our biggest month ever in terms of sending out hands – By the end of this month we will have sent the following LN-4’s out (actually, there are more that have been sent […]

VCU students help children maimed by land mines

March 4, 2009

The bags of plastic parts and shiny screws might have been many things: something you wear on your head, one student guessed. A pen holder, said another. But the sum of the parts was more than a classroom puzzle for Virginia Commonwealth University graduate students. “You’re going to build eight hands that will go on […]

Our Life Cycles Team Building Program

February 28, 2008

When teams build bikes for kids, teams are brought together. Click here for more information on the original Life Cycles bicycle building teambuilding. Kids and bikes… bikes and kids, is there a better match than kids and bikes? Odyssey’s bike building, teambuilding program called Life Cycles is a great event to promote teamwork. Building bikes […]

Build something lately?

February 25, 2008

Something unique happens when a person builds something; a model airplane, a garden, a scrapbook, or woodworking project etc. Time and moods seem to shift and a sense of pride and accomplishment shows up when the builder steps back and looks at their tangible creation. Team building is important. Teams nowadays have new members joining […]

Learn about the Helping Hands Program

February 22, 2008

Team building doesn’t always have to be focused solely on your team. That’s the philosophy we follow when it comes to our Helping Hands project, one of our many Give Back Activities. During our helping hands program, you and your team will work on building an actual prosthetic hand, like the one show below from […]


January 17, 2017

Community Building Through Teamwork. The Kansas Department of Corrections enjoyed a 2-day retreat where they constructed a Build-a-Hand Team building kit through the Helping Hands Project, a corporate team building program designed by Odyssey Teams. After four years of delivering this program all over the world with rave reviews, we decided to turn it into an […]


Odyssey Takes Chicago by Storm

June 15, 2018

4,000 people, 40,000 balls and endless inspiration and impact. This video shows the story from behind the scenes of history.

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