Playhouse Challenge

In this fun foray of building and painting playhouses for schools and shelters, there is no time to disengage. Your teams will design it, build it, decorate it and then meet the kids who will enjoy it. Epic!  

More than team building

This “concept-to-completion” team building exercise is combined with keynote addresses, experiential learning, and a mix-match of icebreakers to get your team communicating and thinking collaboratively. They will discover the joy of building something real. The lessons your team takes away from this corporate give back activity are as significant as the playhouses they’ll leave behind. We’ll even bring kids and the agency representatives to the event for a concluding ‘neighborhood stroll.’ Over five hundred playhouses have been built and donated to shelters, schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA’s.

How do we help your teams find their passion?

“The Playhouse Challenge is one of the best things we do in our new hire program.” Jehan Wren, Bain Capital

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